Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Went To Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Held NOTHING Back, And People Handled It Well

One of the longest-running sketches from Conan O’Brien is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog who rolls into awkward situations and poops all over it. Fallon wasn’t at President Trump’s Inauguration, Kimmel wasn’t there, but Triumph was on the ground doing man-on-the-street interviews.

Did I expect to see someone completely lose their cool with Triumph at some point? 100%. The Insult Comic Dog didn’t just toe the line, he fucked the line doggy-style and pooped all over people’s beliefs right in front of them. It took an admirable amount of restraint from the Inauguration attendees interviewed by Triumph to not strangle the puppet and knock out the camera man.

**Almost** everyone pooped on by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was able to laugh at his jokes and handle the insults with aplomb, and I’m impressed. I guess there’s a cool air of confidence that comes along with winning the election which allows the Inauguration attendees to laugh off insults because they’ve already won.

I’m not so sure this would’ve gone down the same way at a pre-election Trump rally, and this video would’ve been a beast of a different nature had Conan sent Triumph to any of the women’s marches on Saturday…But, like I said before, I’m impressed that everyone was able to laugh off the insults to their faces.