Should You Get Stoned For The ‘True Detective’ Season Premiere Tonight?

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I think the reason I fell in love with True Detective last summer was because I was binged out of my mind for the series premiere. That was some good stoned television watching. When you are high and Matthew¬†McConaughey says “start asking the right fucking questions,” you are like, WHOA. Whoa. I have to know what the right questions are.

I watched episodes two and three not high. They were not as good. Four, which I watched after I had heard there was some phenomenal ending, I smoked a joint before. That was fucking awesome. Fucking awesome.

I don’t remember if I was high for episodes five, six and seven, but for the finale I was not. I was gonna get so burned, but then HBOGo crashed and I had to watch it in the morning. It was okay.

So, in conclusion, if you want to enjoy True Detective season two, get high before every episode.

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