‘True Detectives’ Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn Get Interrogated On ‘The Tonight Show’

Did Colin Farrell get arrested for attempted murder when he was a teen? Did Jimmy Fallon once get his head stuck in a fence and only mayonnaise would help free him? Did Vince Vaughn sing and dance in The King and I musical? These were the important questions that the True Detectives were asked on Thursday night’s The Tonight Show.

Fallon took turns playing good cop/bad cop with Farrell and Vaughn in a game called “True Confessions,” and we learned many interesting facts about the stars of season 2 of True Detective.

The gentlemen had two envelopes, one a true fact about their past and one a lie. They would take turns selling the other two men on their story as they were interrogated to find the truth.

“When I was a late teen I was brought in for questioning as a suspect in an attempted murder,” said Farrell. Scary, but it was true that he was a suspect in a murder, but it was revealed that he had an alibi and was actually at a party doing ecstasy on the other side of town. We also discover that Farrell does a great Robert Durst impression.

It was Fallon’s turn and he had a much more innocent story, “Got my head stuck in a fence and my grandma used mayonnaise to squeeze me out.”

Then Vaughn admitted that he “Once defiantly commanded the stage in the title role of Oscar Hammerstein’s The King and I.

True Detective airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.