Last Night A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Dropped Turd Ferguson Into Her Final Jeopardy Answer So Suck It, Trebek!


ABC / Jeopardy!

Last night a contestant on Jeopardy! managed to sneak the name ‘Turd Ferguson’ into her Final Jeopardy answer, which is not only one of the best jokes ever written for SNL’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ sketch but it’s also the name of my YouTube channel, so there’s that.

Every single night at 7pm in my household we sit on the couch and watch Jeopardy! And when I say ‘every single night’ what I really mean is we’re watching it about 40+ weeks a year, most nights. Jeopardy!‘s recently been amidst their annual run of Kids Jeopardy! into Teen Jeopardy! followed up by Teacher and Celebrity Jeopardy!. That latter iteration of the show, Celebrity Jeopardy!, is not to be confused with the Saturday Night Live sketch that used to star Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds, who used ‘Turd Ferguson’ as his nickname on the show while trying to get Will Ferrell who played Alex Trebek to say ‘Turd Ferguson’ on TV. This was the Golden Age of SNL.

As I mentioned before I watch Jeopardy! almost every night that it’s new. So naturally I missed last night’s episode and didn’t find out about the ‘Turd Ferguson’ appearance until this morning when I was surfing Facebook and saw that our sister site UPROXX’s article was trending. This will now go down as my second biggest regret when it comes to Jeopardy!. My biggest regret came back on November 30, 2004 when I missed the final episode of Ken Jennings’ record streak, the one where Ken’s unprecedented run of 74-straight wins came to an end at the hands of a nobody. Much like yesterday’s ‘Turd Ferguson’ incident that was Jeopardy! history, and I’m bummed that I decided to go get hammered that night instead of watch TV.

Anyways, I mentioned before that my YouTube channel is named ‘Turd Ferguson’ and I wasn’t lying, here’s all the proof you need in the form of a video I took at the Bronx Zoo back in the Summer of 2012. The video is titled ‘Crazy Silverback Gorilla Sex Party at Bronx Zoo’ and I think you’re all going to enjoy it:

P.s., the answer is YES, I do know that ‘Suck it, Trebek’ was a Sean Connery line from SNL’s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ and not a Norm MacDonald line. I don’t care, I still thought the headline was funny.