Television Execs Show They Can Still Churn Out Original Ideas, Order TV Reboots Of ‘Lethal Weapon’ And ‘MacGyver’

Regurgitating old shit is so hot right now with television executives. TV reboots of Minority Report, Scream, The X-Files, The Powerpuff Girls, Twin Peaks, Mr. Show, Coach, The Muppet Show, Heroes, Limitless, Full House, The-A Team, Uncle Buck, Behind Enemy Lines, Training Day, Friday the 13th, Wet Hot American Summer, Problem Child, The Notebook and Rush Hour have all been proposed, have already debuted or are due to come out in the next year or two. Well you can add Lethal Weapon and MacGyver to that astoundingly sad list.

Fox is in search of a proven entertainment property, and has green-lit a pilot episode of a television adaptation of the highly successful 1987 buddy cop movie Lethal Weapon. The film franchise’s original producers will reportedly not be involved, but it will be produced by Warner Bros. Television.

CBS is hoping to rekindle magic from yesteryear by bringing back MacGyver. The hit TV show ran from 1985–1992 and featured the feathery hunk Richard Dean Anderson’s using a paper clip, a half-bitten apple, Play-Doh, a tampon string, vinegar and leftover parts from an alarm clock to make an improvised explosive device.

Furious 7 director James Wan is onboard to bring MacGyver to the small screen and appeal to millennials.

Apparently TV execs aren’t getting too old for this shit of simply taking old shows and rebooting them.