These Are Twitter’s Best Reactions To That Completely ‘Bleh’ Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Photobomb levels 💯

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The halftime show during the Super Bowl is the only enjoyable part of the whole shebang for all the people who are forcing themselves to sit through the game so that they’re not left out of the office water cooler talk the next morning. Last year Katy Perry SLAYED, so logically you’d think “Hey, if last year was awesome then THIS year should be even BETTER!”


Maybe it was because the game took place on the west coast this year and the stage didn’t have a nighttime backdrop to make all the fireworks and visual effects look bold, or maybe it was because Coldplay sucks and Bruno Mars/Beyonce have performed at the Super Bowl a cumulative 1.5 trillion times, but something about this year was just lame. If we’re to listen to Twitter, it’s because Coldplay sucks (which is true) and…well, it seems like that’s the main consensus: Chris Martin did not belong on stage with Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

That’s not to say that Beyonce and Bruno escaped unscathed from the completely “bleh” performance that we got…just that Chris Martin reeeaaallyyyy got his asshole torn to shreds:

[H/T Uproxx]

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