Was Tyrion’s Monologue Last Night One of the Best Moments in ‘Game of Thrones’ History?

by 6 years ago


Every now and then you get a TV moment that causes you to immediately hit rewind. Whatever show you’re watching next be damned. I did it for the True Detective one-take robbery; I did it for the Breaking Bad nursing home explosion. Both times, the rewind was as much to re-experience the moment as it was to marvel at the special effects and filmmaking involved.

Last night, Tyrion’s monologue got that same honor. Even though it didn’t have the pyrotechnics or technical wow-factor of True Detective or Breaking Bad, it had Peter Dinklage, just acting the shit out of a scene.

Your emotions swing from anger at the circus court, to pity at Tyrion’s condition, to finally rip-roaring catharsis at the words “I demand a trial by combat.” For once, a character was telling the truth of Westeros without any bullshit or politicking. I was yelling with my roommate—it was real primal stuff—and if you’re anything you like me, you would have paid for a time machine to take you to next Sunday last night at around 10 p.m.

Give Dinklage all the effing Emmys already.

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