Want to Achieve Undeserved Fame by Bandwagoning on a Hot Trend? Apply for Season 2 of ‘Catfish’

If you (a. are hoping to acheive fame for doing absolutely nothing impressive, and (b. also have weird internet friends (the two are somewhat related, so that's good news), you should totally apply for the next season. Via Betabeat:

The show, which arranges for people with longtime Internet relationships to finally meet face to face, inevitably revealing the complex nest of lies they’ve told each other, is entertainment in the purest sense: Viewers can’t help but watch with a sense of horror and fascination as people humiliate themselves–and then are redeemed!–right on the screen.

But what makes Catfish most compelling is that almost everyone in our day and age has entertained a relationship with someone they’ve met online, whether romantic or otherwise. Catfish allows for a sense of “OMG that could happen to me,” which is equal parts horrifying and exciting. And now, those of you with weird Internet friends can apply to be on season two of the MTV show.

MTV tweeted a link to a WuFoo form where users can apply to appear on the show. “This is legit, ppl,” the network promises. The form asks some important questions like “Have you ever SEEN the person on videochat?” (we’re guessing you’d have to check “No” on that one in order to be considered) and “Do you have a secret or something to confess to your online partner?”


So if you're someone I'd very much like to design a stand-up comedy set around, best check out this link and apply. 

[H/T: BetaBeat]