‘Van Damme That Stinks’ Is A Compilation Of A Jean-Claude Van Damme Murdering People With Farts

by 4 years ago

Two JCVD posts in one day? What is this 1990?!? Nope. It’s just a regular, old, shitty Monday and also a wild and welcomed coincidence that we got two Van Damme’s in one day. Hmm…two Van Damme’s…you know, someone should make a movie about that, call it Double Impact, and change the course of cinematic history.

So yeah, on the same day this JCVD hot fart compilation dropped that we also have a terrific Jean-Claude Van Damme feature. Just goes to show you that the stars can align.

Oh, and the next time you fart, good luck not thinking about these while you’re shredding ass.


That moment you realized you trusted the wrong fart…


That moment when a tiny fart bubble is still stuck in your ass and you’ll try anything to get it out… 

I’m a gigantic child.

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