Can Deadpool Regenerate His Penis If It Is Cut Off? Merc With A Mouth’s Creator Responds



Deadpool’s most amazing superpower is his ability to heal from any kind of wound. Whether a knifing or gunshot, Deadpool’s super regeneration quickly heals his wounds. But what if some sadist cut off Deadpool’s penis? Would it grow back?

This was the groin-coddling question that Inverse asked Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and he confirmed that unlike you, the Merc with a Mouth has an invincible penis.

“Yes, yes,” Liefeld said with a laugh. “We would never, ever live in a world where Deadpool can’t regenerate his own cock and balls.”

Looks like Wade Wilson can play with it all he wants and even if it does fall off it’s no big whoop.

Hopefully, this critical information can be utilized in Deadpool: Bad Blood, when it arrives in theaters on May 17th.

Speaking of heads, would Deadpool regenerate a new noggin or a new body if his head was cut off? Liefeld responded by saying the following.

“People always ask me: If you cut off Deadpool’s head, would he generate a new body? Or would the body generate a new head? […] He would generate a new head, and I’m telling you, he would generate a new head.”

There would be so many puns if Deadpool actually lost his head.

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