Watch Girls In The ‘Walk Of Shame Shuttle’ Talk About What Makes A Girl Basic

A few years ago we broke a story about a girl at the University of Michigan who started a so-called “walk of shame shuttle.” On Saturday and Sunday mornings, she’d drive around Ann Arbor in a mini-van and pick up friends from wherever they ended up crashing after a night out. She handed out bottles of water an $5 off coupons for Plan B. It was a win-win: She got paid for providing a pretty ingenious, judgement free taxi service and her passengers got to avoid the walk of shame through the college town.

The mastermind behind the Walk of Shame shuttle was Kellyann Wargo. She was able to parlay that college gig into a TV show that airs on VH1 of the same name. Since we’re proud of seeing a little story on BroBible turn into a full-on TV show, the folks at VH1 passed along this clip of girls talking about being basic as their shuttled around L.A. after a night of questionable decisions.

Coming next year from BroBible to a TBD TV Channel: The Stride of Pride, a show that’s just 30-minutes of college kids high-fiving their hook-ups the previous night. No shame in that game.

Walk of Shame Shuttle premieres Wednesday, March 18th on VH1 at 9/8C.

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