Watch Louis C.K. Destroy a Heckler During a Recent Set

by 6 years ago

Louie's ruthless. And it's clear that we're watching a moment of catharsis for him, a chance to be as mean as humanely possible. But when the heckler confronts the comedian after the set, she starts to weirdly hit on him. Louie dismisses her. This drives another comedian crazy. “You had a shot! Up until that last line!” he says.

I wouldn't be surprised if this moment taken from CK's recent tour—in which a female heckler tells him that his boots are “sexy,” giving cause for Louie to ruin her—led to a similar confrontation. Because this dynamic exists, and it's how an out-of-shape, middle-aged guy like Louis can bang admirers after his shows. God bless stand-up. 

[H/T: Clip Nation]

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