Whales Falling From The Sky Is The Most Hilarious ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mod Yet

whales Grand Theft Auto V

YouTube - Merfish

We’ve seen people do a lot of strange things when creating mods for Grand Theft Auto V, but this one where whales are raining down all over Los Santos causing havoc, death and destruction might be the best one yet.

Not even sure why I made that GIF. I guess I just found the woman’s delayed flaming reaction funny. But really, the whole entire video is basically just one hilarious GIF after another.

As you’ll see, unlike the people who were forced to endure a couple of Sharknados, the folks in Los Santos don’t seem all that fazed by whales dropping from above. Other than when they accidentally cause a traffic pileup or, you know, land on their heads.

H/T The Daily Dot