Whoopi Goldberg Ripped A Fart On ‘The View’ AGAIN And Celebrated The Shit Out Of It

Who’s having more fun than Whoopi Goldberg? No one. Who is more disgusting than Whoopi Goldberg? Also, no one.

I’m not some weird champion of holding in farts. I’ve gone as far as hoping that one guy, JUST ONE, would die from holding in farts so the rest of us wouldn’t have to be so goddamn uncomfortable all the time. He’d die with honor. Knowing his death would bring change to millions of lives. Hell, when I go, if no one else has fallen on that heroic sword, I hope my death is found to be related to a lifetime of holding in gas. That said, I also don’t champion shit like this. It’s one thing to audibly fart on live TV and be embarrassed while others laugh at you — that’s what’s supposed to happen — but it’s a completely different thing to shit your pants and celebrate it like you just scored a fucking touchdown. (On live TV, that is. Do whatever the fuck you want in the privacy of your own home.)

Here are a few other times the Whoopster nearly shit herself on live TV.

When it’s all said and done, she’s going to have an impressive body of work.