What Is The #BruhMovement And Why Is It Taking Over Vine?

Recently, I noticed an increase in the amount of people using the hashtag #bruhmovement on Vine, featuring a hilarious sound effect of a guy saying “bruh,” usually set to people passing out or falling down. They cracked me up, and I decided to investigate the origin of this amazing internet trend.

Let’s be clear, the Bruh Movement is not new, as it is has been steadily ascending the ranks of internet visibility since April. From what I can gather, the original Bruh Vine was created by a user named CallHimBzar –

I’ve watched it twenty times and it still cracks me up. The video comes from the sentencing of former high school basketball star and heavily recruited college prospect, Tony Farmer. Farmer was on trial for beating the shit out of his then girlfriend, and ended up receiving three years in jail. At the sentencing, he misunderstood the judge and thought he was sentenced to seven years in prison, and was so overcome with emotion that he collapsed. A longer video without the Bruh sound effect can be found here.

CallHimBzar took the clip, and a friend of his named Headgraphix, added a disappointed “bruh” as Farmer collapsed. The “bruh” is meant to imply, “bruh, you’re a 6’7, 220-lb guy, and you beat the shit out of your girlfriend, quit acting like a bitch.” The Vine quickly blew up, and after seeing all the excitement surrounding the Vine, Headgraphix and CallHimBzar started the #BruhMovement, encouraging others to make their own Bruh Vines. And Bruh Vine they did… to the  tune of thousands of Bruh vines. To sort through them all and pick the best would take literally days, but here are a couple favorites I’ve encountered to give you an idea of what the BruhMovement is capable of- “”””””””””””””https://vine.co/v/MgA5lxMWOAa/embed/simple

A compilation of other Bruh Vines was also uploaded to Youtube –

While the Farmer clip originated Bruh, this clip of a boy’s unfortunate haircut seemed to put Bruh on the map –

Bruh, indeed. Bruh has blown up. Headgraphix, being the entrepreneur that he is, created a Bruh song AND a ringtone. As of this writing, the ringtone is now #21 on the iTunes ringtones charts, beating out #1 hits like Pharrell’s “Happy” –

Headgraphix also wanted to set the record straight, and make it clear that “Bruh” is not a sound bite from a movie, but is in fact, his voice. He recreated the “Bruh” for his fans, and even explained that he is available to hire for voiceover bookings AND mixtape drops. Definitely know who I’m using for my next mixtape!

The Bruh movement seems like it’s hitting a fever pitch, and will only grow bigger from here. It’s time to either jump on the Bruh Train, or get left behind. If you don’t get down with the Bruh, I got one thing to say to you –