Will Ferrell Dressed Up As Little Debbie For ‘The Tonight Show’ And It Was Goddamn Hysterical

Will Ferrell is making the rounds promoting his new film Get Hard, but apparently movie-making isn’t bringing in enough cash so now he’s the new face of Little Debbie.

“Let’s be honest, Jim. I’m not the Hollywood hunk I once was. This mug ain’t making the moola like it used to,” Ferrell tells Jimmy Fallon, who cannot stop cracking up throughout the whole interview.

Ferrell calls him “Jim” the entire time. Except the one time when he called Fallon “Smiles the Clown sitting on his leather throne.”

Will Ferrell also says as a part of his 30-year contract with Little Debbie he has to wear the outfit pretty much all the time, sometimes in movies and even when he’s disciplining his kids at home.

“If I come around the corner dressed like this, oh, they know they did something wrong,” he tells Fallon. “My wife will say, ‘Don’t make dad change into Little Debbie!'”