Will Ferrell Discusses His Favorite ‘SNL’ Prank And You Should Absolutely Try This At Work

Will Ferrell stopped by The Late Show with Seth Meyers to talk about their days at Saturday Night Live and some of his favorite pranks.

Ferrell admitted that his favorite person to prank was Lorne Michael’s because he usually gave little acknowledgement to Ferrell — and frequent accomplice Adam McKay — and would just allow the pair to finish their stunts and gags with little reaction.

Meyers recanted his favorite Ferrell prank, one that Ferrell had actually forgotten, about a joke he pulled in his last week with the show.

During a pitch meeting, in which every cast member suggests an idea for the show, Ferrell brought an old typewriter and loudly clacked away during everyone else’s pitches, taking notes on all their ideas. When Ferrell was called on last to give his pitch, he unrolled his scroll from the typewriter and said, “I think we’re good.”

I’m imploring everyone out there to try this at work. Not just because lugging an old fashioned typewriter into a conference room is hilarious but because the banging of the keys is enough to make anyone laugh. Except an asshole boss.

I’ve got no advice if it doesn’t go over well.

[via GQ]