8 Moments On ‘Workaholics’ That Have Happened To Every Bro

Adam Devine Workaholics
Comedy Central

The new season of Workaholics on Comedy Central is insane and it’s only been a week since the premiere. Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm have really upped the ante, and insanity, in this fourth season.

The best part about Workaholics is that the show is pretty damn relatable to the average bro. Alright, some of the situations the guys get into are fucking ludicrous, but the core issues in each episode are familiar to the average bro.

Here are some hilarious moments from past seasons of Workaholics that have definitely happened to every bro. If they haven’t happened yet, they will soon enough. That’s just a warning.

Been Forced To Man Up

Every bro eventually comes to the realization that he might not be as manly as he thinks —  especially in the middle of a crisis. Adam comes to that realization in the season 2 episode of Workaholics titled Man Up. After Jillian saves the Adam’s ass from a bully in a bar, which also involved Adam crying afterward, the fellas realize they’re possibly the least manliest men in the universe. To reclaim their balls, the boys go on a “man trip.” It didn’t help.

Every bro faces a situation where he’s forced to grow a pair and either fight back or run like a little bitch. Hopefully, the bro will realize running never helps. Just face the issue head-on. What’s the worst that will happen? Death? Probably. Eh, dying like a man beats running like a bitch.

Got Screwed Out Of Something Because Of Work

The first thing every bro notices when he joins the working world is that most companies don’t really give a shit about their employees. Sure, some pretend to care, but really they only care about making a profit. Companies certainly don’t give a crap about each employee’s personal beliefs. Especially if it interferes with “business as usual.”

Remember The Strike episode of Workaholics when the guys go on strike because Alice wouldn’t let them celebrate Half Christmas? Alright, well that was obviously a bullshit holiday, but some companies make it a big deal when bros want to celebrate actual holidays. They won’t allow for days off on President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day or the day the new Madden game gets released. Companies are always looking to screw bros and we’re sometimes powerless because, well, paycheck.

Chose A Video Game Over Real Life

Remember the Model Kombat episode of Workaholics when Blake becomes obsessed with the house PlayStation because he’s competing in a video game competition? Blake barely makes it to work every day and doesn’t shower and just evolves into a total waste of life. We’ve all been there, bros! Every time a new video game comes out, the typical bro will spend hours smashing buttons and pounding Mountain Dews in an effort to beat the game in record time. Who needs to go to class when there are cars to steal and hookers to punch? In Grand Theft Auto, of course.

Failed On Big Promises  

Chelsie Neiderdeppy. Chelsie Neiderdeppy makes a bro do odd things. Well, she made Adam do odd things, like try to impress her with tickets to a Los Angeles Clippers game in the classic episode We Be Ballin’. Of course, the guys didn’t technically have tickets to the game, so they had to pull some shenanigans. Is a bomb threat too serious to be called shenanigans?

Bros sometimes make promises — especially to impress women. It’s not our fault. We’re big thinkers! We’re big dreamers! But we’re usually trying to pull amazing shit out of our ass at the last minute. Most times, it doesn’t work, but every once in a while a miracle happens. I mean the fellas did technically get into the arena, right?

Turned Tragedy Into Opportunity 

In the episode titled Good Mourning, the crew discovers one of their coworkers is dead. It’s “Homegirl.” Pour one out for Homegirl! Naturally, the guys try to get out of work for the day by claiming how “butt hurt” they are about Homegirl’s passing. It doesn’t work.

Death is an awful thing for the living but faking death never really hurts anyone. Not faking your own death. Faking the death of an imaginary relative. Every bro has a pretend aunt they’ve “killed” over a hundred times to get out of situations. If it works, bros will use it as much as possible or until someone catches on. Then it’s time to start killing a couple fake uncles.

Worried About the Piss Test

In the pilot episode of Workaholics, the fellas stress over a drug test at the office. Usually, companies will only require urine samples before hiring a potential employee. It’s easy to pass a piss test one time. It’s when companies test randomly that things get uncomfortable.

Every bro has stressed over the piss test. Even when they’ve been clean a couple days, a bro just never knows when a toxin might come creeping back into his bloodstream. One random night of bong hits could put a bro on the unemployment line. Again. This month.

Realized They Can’t Handle Their Liquor Anymore

Old Man Ders realizes on his 25th birthday that he can’t keep up with Adam and Blake when it comes to drinking.  So the pair treat Anders like he’s old as hell, which forces him to act young as hell.

Every bro can relate to getting older and not being able to do the things he once could. The first gut reaction? To revolt and do something completely stupid to prove a bro is still young. This usually involves excessive drinking and stomach pumps. Good times.

Coming To The Realization He’s Only Got A Couple True Friends

As much as Adam, Anders and Blake fuck with each other, they really are best friends. As a bro gets older, all his friends scatter, and only a couple true friends are left standing. Until those jerks ruin it all and get married and have kids and bail too. But for the most part, bros know one or two other bros they can count on in a tough spot. Bros for life. Hopefully one of those bros is available to piss in a cup in a tight spot.

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