96-Year-Old World War II Veteran And Swiftie Gets Surprise Christmas Concert From Taylor Swift In His Living Room

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Think your granddad is the coolest? Does your pawpaw go to Taylor Swift concerts and is a World War II veteran? Cyrus Porter is a 96-years-old veteran of World War II and most likely the oldest Swiftie in the world. The old man Porter received an incredible holiday gift when Taylor Swift stopped by Porter’s house to give a special Christmas concert to her oldest fan.

Porter was recently profiled by his local TV news station who said the World War II vet “is cray cray for Tay Tay.” Their words, not mine.

The 96-year-old has been to two Swift shows. “Look what she does… she puts on a show no one else puts on,” he said.

Thanks to his Swift love, he has gotten a closer connection with two of his more than 20 grandkids.

Swift heard the news and a few days later went to Porter’s Christmas celebration in New Madrid, Missouri.

She talked with the vet, looked at his war memorabilia, took photos with the family, and even sang an acoustic rendition of “Shake It Off” right there in his living room. There was the 96-year-old dancing to “Shake It Off.”

This amazing dude was purging Nazis from the world and now he’s dancing with Taylor Swift. What an incredible life.


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