World’s Most Dedicated Process Server Hands Ciara Lawsuit Papers While She Performs

Two things strike me about this story. A) Ciara still has a career performing places? I could've sworn she retired in like 2009. B) This is literally the most dedicated process server ever. TMZ reported that Ciara was being sued for ditching a performance at a prominent Hollywood gay bar called The Factory, stating that she didn't give them ample notice to cancel her “appearance” (not performance) at the club. She was scheduled to perform the next day at the L.A. Pride event and since the savvy club people knew exactly where she'd be, they sent their process server to serve her the lawsuit…in the middle of her performance. The technique is flawless; the chick reaches out to touch Ciara's hand like a giddy fan and as soon as she reaches to grab the process server switches the hands and gives her the papers with unbelievable sleight of hand.



[H/T: TMZ]