25 People Who Had A Worse Year Than Kanye West

He does not make things better when he comes out and says, “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things.Did he really just tell us he was credible? You can't simply tell the world you are credible, you have to earn it. 

But he was not alone in 2013. A lot of celebrities had it bad this past year. Whether they were spending time in rehab, sleeping with hookers, or simply admitting to cheating, all these people, and a formerly popular TV show, share one thing in common, failure. They had a bad year so we should probably go back and relive it for them. 

How does that sound?

Let's take a look at the 25 people that just plain sucked in 2013. Enjoy.

25. Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty will never be the same without Phil around, but sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut about certain things especially when you are as famous as him. 

24. Chris Brown

After allegedely assaulting another man, Chris Brown checked into a rehab facility to help with his anger management. However, he spent only two weeks in there before being spotted out at a party. When will he learn?

23. American Idol

Why is this show still around? It is losing viewers every season and yet somehow continues to unload more and more crap that we are forced to watch. It should have ended five years ago.

22. Deryk Whibley

Usually, when you get married the woman takes the man’s last name. That is how it is. However, when lead singer of Sum 41 Deryk Whibley married Avril Lavigne, he secretly took her name. Well, it was a secret until this year when he filed to change his name back.

21. Matt Schaub

When a professional athlete is booed, it isn’t because he is playing at home, it is usually on the road in enemy territory. But Matt Schaub has figured out a way to turn his entire fan base against him. The fair weather fans of the Houston Texans boo him every time he walks onto the field. Stay Classy Texas. 

20. PSY 

“Gangnam Style” is old news. That is obvious now that PSY isn’t a celebrity as much as he is an annoyance. His music is terrible but his overall persona is worse. 

19. Hope Solo

No one has gone from hero to zero quicker than Hope Solo. Maybe Twitter isn’t for everyone.

18. Mike Rice

Mike Rice, the former Rutgers basketball coach, probably should have spent more time sweeping the gym for cameras than beaming his players in the head with basketballs. Because cursing and taunting your players always works, right?

17. Britney Spears

Britney Spears is no longer a poser, she is an obvious fake. She spent 2013 trying to convince the world that her new album was going to be amazing and deep. Then it was released. All it was was a big pile of garbage. Nothing to see here, move along.

16. Sign Language Guy at Mandela Funeral

Who was that guy? He looked as legit as ice in the freezer but when it was over, people that understood sign language had no clue what he was saying. The better question is how the hell that guy got on stage in front of all those important world leaders?

15. Farrah Abraham

Being sexy and a teen mom is exactly what MTV is all about. Why else would they exploit these teenagers every year? Farrah Abraham takes the cake though. She spent 2013 moving into porn. Yeah, that is always a great career choice.

14. Ryan Locthe

This guy sucks. He is a world class athlete and Olympic gold medalist but when he begins to speak, everyone should just hit the mute button because he will never say anything worth listening to.

13. Lamar Odom

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That is the life of a rockstar. Lamar Odom is a rockstar or at least he thinks he is. Now that he is divorced from the Kardashian clan, he will have plenty time to focus on his basketball care…um, drug addi…well, he can learn to read.

12. Carnival Cruise Lines

A cruise ship is not suppose to break down let alone have a fire on it while at sea that disables the engine and electricity. But it happens. And it did in 2013 for the Carnival Triumph which will forever be known as the “poop cruise.”

11. Jonas Bros

How can a group of brothers have trouble working together? What happened to the trio? They had a tour cancelled and might not be working together anymore. They are family for Pete’s sake. Grow up and get over it.

10. Ryan Braun

Just like Lance Armstrong, Ryan Braun allegedly cheated his way to the top. Then he came out and finally apologized for taking PED’s. Too bad no one cares.

9. Jaden Smith

Just because Will Smith is your father doesn’t make it right for you to go on Twitter and spread crap to the world. Because that is what he spent 2013 doing, coming up with useless crap for us to read. At 15 years old, the only words of wisdom you should reveal are which chick has the best boobs in class.

8. Kris Jenner

The Kardashian clan seems to be having an epic year. And that is not a good thing. Kris Jenner joins her daughter Khloe on the divorce list in 2013. Now it is only a matter of time before her other daughter Kim rejoins the club.

7. Alec Baldwin

MSNBC hired Alec Baldwin to host his own show called, “Up Late with Alec Baldwin”. Then it was cancelled after only five episodes. But his year really hit a snag when he was caught yelling at a photographer using words we would rather not say on this site.

6. Paula Deen

Paula Deen made a mistake, she used a word that should not have been used to describe another race in a derogatory manner. It cost her everything. Now she can’t even get a job serving burgers at her own restaurants.

5. President Obama

The President spent the last five years speaking about Obamacare so when it finally comes to life and goes live, the website doesn’t work. Are you serious Mr. President?

4. Lance Armstrong

Everyone already knew it but it felt better to hear him finally admit to doping on Oprah earlier this year. It might have made us feel better to hear his admittance but that doesn’t change the face that he cheated and fooled us all.

3. Aaron Hernandez

From the New England Patriots clubhouse to the the big house, Aaron Hernandez is having one of the worse years of his life, if not the worse ever. Whether he is found guilty or not, his promising career in the NFL is long gone. 

2. Amanda Bynes

We all watched to see what would happen next for Amanda Bynes but what we didn’t know was that she was slowly suffering from a psychological breakdown. Yep, she is crazy and all those insane things she did in 2013 weren’t a cry for help, they were legit crazy.

1. Justin Bieber

What didn’t this douche do in 2013 to make him suck worse than Kanye? After starting the year wishing Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, he then was caught pissing in a mop bucket at a restaurant. Oh and let’s not forget about the fact he made two bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China or that he seems to have an obsession with hookers.