Write A Brotip And Enter To Win A Copy Of NBA 2K15 For PS4 Or Xbox 360



Bros: Two copies of NBA 2K15 just hit our desks here in the BroBible office. Just landed right smack dab on my desk from our marketing guy. One is for Xbox 360, the other is for PS4. Rather than game our little hearts out, we’re feeling generous and would like to give them away to a lucky BroBible reader. But there are conditions! They’re easy as hell, but here’s what you have to do if you want us to mail these bad boys to you house.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow Brotips on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Sign up for BroBible’s commenting platform BELOW this post.

3. Write an original Brotip in the comments OF THIS POST. Here are a few examples:





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Contest ends on Friday at 12 noon. Now follow Brotips on Twitter and Facebook and write a Brotip in the comments below for a chance to enter.