You Can Star in ‘Sharknado 2’

I certainly fucking was. That movie was awesome. So good that they greenlighted a sequel 30 seconds after it ended. Sharknado 2. Return of the Sharknado. The Sharknado Strikes Back. The Matrix Sharknadoed. Ian Ziering and the Temple of Sharknado. They haven't finalized the title I don't think, but that's irrelevant. Because you can be in it. You can star in the cinematic event of whatever day of the week it winds up airing. 

Because, starting October 31st, a part in the movie up for auction.

Now's your chance for 15 minutes of fame (well, we can't guarantee how many minutes you'll get, but you'll definitely be on set and captured on film!).  Join the production for a walk on role in Sharknado 2 as the sharks take Manhattan.  The chance to be swept up in this kind of national attention is priceless! 

The bidding starts at $500 and goes until November 8th. Before you think this is a scam to kickstart an underfunded movie no one wants to see, the winning bid goes to charity. Specifically, the Lulu and Leo Fund, which provides arts and science classes to underprivileged children. 

[H/T @JCamm_]