YouTube’s 10 Most Watched Videos Of 2014 Are Quite An Eclectic Mix

by 4 years ago
youtube most watched videos 2014


CNN put together the compilation video you see below which summarizes the 10 most popular videos to appear on YouTube in 2014 (I assume of the non-music video type) and as you will see, the subject matter of those videos is completely all across the board.

“Mutant Giant Spider Dog” took the top spot, followed by a Nike World Cup ad, then “First Kiss,” followed by a video from the Italian version of The Voice (seriously), and then the “iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test.”

Sixth through tenth went like this: a video from “Britain’s Got Talent,” Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial, prank video “Devil Baby Attack” was eighth, followed by the epic rap battle between Goku and Superman, and lastly, the now infamous catcalling video of a woman walking around New York.

Watch and see how many of them you remember.


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