Zac Efron Tweeted Something Stupid On MLK Day, But That’s Not The Reason America’s #Teens Are Mad At Him


It’s only three weeks into 2016 and we already have our 50th social media outrage scandal of the new year. Last night, on Martin Luther King Day, movie star Zac Efron tweeted out that he’s thankful for the late, great civil rights leader AND having 10 million followers on Instagram:

Needless to say, a self-masturbatory vanity metric about your social media followers with gratitude for the most charismatic leader of the Civil Rights movement didn’t sit well with a lot of people:

But the REAL thing that America’s public is concerned about is why Efron blew off the 10th anniversary reunion of High School Musical, a movie that put him on the proverbial map. I can only assume he blew off said High School Musical reunion for the same reason I blew off my 10-year high school reunion: I didn’t give a shit.

Glad we all have something to get mad about in 2016.

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