Zach Braff Had The Most Racist Grammy Tweet Of The Night Where He Compared Pharrell To A Monkey

by 4 years ago


You’d think that someone so prominently in the public eye would think twice before comparing Pharrell to a monkey via their personal Twitter. Maybe your average garden-variety idiot would do that, but not a famous celebrity, right? No one’s that dumb! People would flip shit all over that ish.

And yet…

//, that’s a major “oopsie daisy” on Zach Braff’s end. And just in case he decides to delete the tweet, here’s a screenshot:



Braff later issued an apology also through Twitter…:


So I guess that means they’ve kissed and made up, right? I’d like to think that Zach Braff is friends with everyone, including Pharrell. He just seems like that type of guy, you know?



[H/T Salon, header image via Shutterstock]

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