Atlanta Sportscaster Drops 22 Robin Williams Movie Titles Into His Report

Tributes for Robin Williams have been flooding in, proving the man touched people from all walks of life. In the sporting world, the San Francisco Giants held a moment of silence for the funnyman, who was a passionate fan. Radio and television hosts also decided not to stick to sports, and a celebration of the actor’s life took place on many shows across the country yesterday.

My personal favorite comes courtesy of Atlanta sports anchor Zach Klein. He cleverly dropped no less than 22 references to Robin Williams’ movie roles into his report. Not only was it a cool thing to do, it was damn impressive. Many of these movies’ names aren’t exactly germane to sports.

“Honestly, I just wanted to do something to show my appreciating for the greatness that was Robin Williams,” Klein told AFP via email on Tuesday.

Mission accomplished.

[H/T: Fox Sports]