The Chewbacca Mask Lady Just Got An Unexpected, Life-Changing Visit



Remember Candace? The Chewbacca mask lady? Who couldn’t? Her happiness and excitement were contagious when she bought a Chewbacca mask for her son and flipped out over how awesome it was that it talked. Well, a group of people decided to visit Candace, with nerd gifts galore…

The people from Kohl’s saw Candace’s original video and felt that dropping by with Chewbacca masks for the whole family was in order. Not only that, but they gave her (and family) $2,500 in gift cards and $10,000 in rewards points to celebrate her recent birthday.

All the way around, this is awesome. We’re glad Candace’s happy spirit was rewarded so well. And we’re excited that Kohl’s recognized that customer spirit.

Rock on, Candace.



[H/T Kohl’s]

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