This GoFundMe Page For Ricky From ‘Boyz In The Hood’ Is Proof That The Internet’s Where Dreams Come True

Can you believe that its been 25 years since the movie Boyz in the Hood was released? As someone who has seen that shit about 100 times before, it’s actually mind-boggling to me.

And for those who remember it well like I do, you know about the intense scene when Ricky Baker gets shot, sending just a young kid from the hood to his unfortunate death way too soon.

To honor of Ricky’s life, some dude on the Internet started the most amazing GoFundMe I’ve ever seen in my life, hoping to raise $5,000 for Ricky’s one-year-old son, even putting together a fake eulogy about him, per GoFundMe:

“Ricky was a senior at Crenshaw High School in South Central Los Angeles. He was a 5-Star Recruit for USC (University of Southern California) in football. He was planning on using his talents to get out the rigors of South Central. He had big plans for his life but his life was cut short in a drive-by shooting by a rival gang he had no parts of.”

Unfortunately, those squares at GoFundMe didn’t find it as amusing as I do, and, like most good things on the Internet, the page got shut down after the guy was able to raise only $30.

The hope to support Ricky Baker may be gone forever, but its legacy will never see its lasting breath.


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