Jake Gyllenhall In The ‘Everest’ Trailer Will Make You Pee Your Pants From Fear


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There are a hell of a lot of things that I’ll try at least once—OK, some may take the influence of alcohol—but one thing that you could never get me to do is try and take on the beast of the terrain that is Mount Everest.

As beautiful as it may be, in my imagination, it’s like that fucking drilling scene in the movie Armageddon, where everything is chaos and there are unknown eruptions and rocks flying at you.

One movie that describes that scene perfectly is this new Jake Gyllenhaal movie aptly named Everest, which is based off of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster when eight people were caught in a blizzard trying to conquer its peak and is due out September 24th.

Alongside Gyllenhaal in the flick are other big names like Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, Keira Knightley and Robin Wright, to name a few, meaning Everest might just come back around next spring as a favorite for a few golden statues, if you catch my drift.

Mount Everest is pretty much hell on earth, well, with snow instead of fire. So for those who want to experience what it would really be like to hike up a place where avalanches could wipe you out and submerge you into hundreds of feet of snow, while winds whip at your face at extreme speeds, see Gyllenhaal and his crew do it first before having at it yourself.

No joke, I may have just dribbled out a little urine after seeing how intense Everest looks.

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