There Were A Lot Of Randos Watching John Cena’s Sex Scene With Amy Schumer In ‘Trainwreck’, According To John Cena

by 4 years ago


We’ve all had those awkward sex stories where we either can’t figure out how to put a condom on correctly, our parents or sisters walk in on us mid-thrusting or we end up weeping in the corner afterwards because we came too soon—or maybe those have all just happened to me?

One thing that most of us haven’t experienced, though, is fucking someone on video—well, for a motion picture, anyway.

However, WWE wrestler John Cena has, as he played the role of Amy Schumer’s meathead boyfriend in this summer’s hit comedy, Trainwreck, where the two of them engaged in one of the most awkward sex scenes ever seen on film—in which Schumer may or may not have joked that Cena was actually inside of her.

While that rumor can neither be confirmed nor squashed, one thing that did happen, according to Cena, was having a packed house watching the two go at it in the name of comedic art.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the wrestler talked about how unbearably brutal it was to bang out Schumer with a bunch people just chilling.

With WWE SummerSlam happening this weekend, where Cena hopes to regain the World Heavyweight Title, and the large man just granting his 500th Make-A-Wish, Cena has had one hell of a summer—even if it did involve a bunch of randos watching him stuff Schumer for a good laugh.

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