The 10 Best Remixes of 2013 (Thus Far)

by 6 years ago

Editor's Note: The follow list is a contribution from Alexander Bank$y, the editor and founder of Check it out!

2013 has been an incredible year for music thus far. The advancements of the internet along with social media has made it relatively easy for up and coming artists from all over the world to spread their music. With that being said we have been blessed with a bunch of remixes, bootlegs, reworks, etc so far this year. Being an avid fan of everything music I decided to compile my top 10 favorite remixes that I have stumbled across this year. The shear amount of great records that have dropped made this a difficult task, there were certainly a few that got left off that I may later on regret ommitting. Having too much good music to chose from is never a bad thing. The power of remixes is undeniable. It introduces fans to artists and producers they might not have had an opportunity to listen to otherwise. Remember, this is strictly my opinion so feel free to let me know some records you think I overlooked or simply bash my list for your own satisfaction. Enjoy.

Kendrick Lamar ft. Young Jeezy “Westside, Right On Time” (Urban Noise Remix)

Miami based duo Urban Noize recently took on Kendrick Lamar and Young Jeezy's collaborative track “Westside, Right On Time.” The result is a refreshing new record. The addition of haunting horns, a more aggressive snare and a new drum pattern flips this track on it's head. This record makes me envision Tony Montana smoking a Cuban cigar at a club in South Beach.


Rihanna “Stay” (Branchez Remix)

New York City up and coming producer Branchez decided to “bootleg” Rihanna's wildly popular single “Stay.” He tweaks the vocals, adds some bass and various other elements that give the track a “trap” feel. Branchez shows that “trap music” isn't all about “turning up in the club” or whatever other stigmas that are associated with the budding genre.


Future “Karate Chop” (Caleb Stone Remix)

Budding Los Angeles based producer Caleb Stone reworks Future's “Karate Chop” for his latest “bootleg.” This remix is light years ahead of the original in terms of structure, various layers of sounds used throughout and overall production. The contrast between the airy feel of the production and the drug dealing element of the lyrics is perfect. This has the feeling of something that will be played at barbecues and kick backs across the country this summer.


Danny Brown “Blunt After Blunt” (Simon SMTHNG Remix)

anny Brown's music seems to be a favorite for producers to remix. His raunchy rhymes are full of sex, drugs, and more sex; combine that with his one of a kind vocals and you have an extemely unique piece of work. The opening line to this track “Blunt After Blunt” goes “kush got a n*gga feeling awesome, ate that bitch p*ssy till she squirted like a dolphin.” That is the epitome of a majority of Brown's music. Up and coming producer Simon SMTHNG decided to try his hand at remixing this weed anthem. The Charlotte native adds sinister synths and heavy drums that give the remix an entirely new sound.


Lana Del Rey “Summertime Sadness” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Ryan Hemsworth has emerged as one of the most promising DJs & producers out right now. Both his remixes and original productions have garnered praise from fans and bloggers alike. One of his standout tracks of the year thus far was his remix of Lana Del Rey's “Summertime Sadness.” Hemsworth tweaks Del Rey's beautiful vocals, picks up the BPM, and adds an additional layer of sounds that makes the song feel more upbeat and appropriate for summertime. Hemsworth brings an element of fluidity that the original seemed to be lacking. With that being said, the original is still a solid piece and has its time and place.



Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” (Bird Peterson Remix)

Bird Peterson tried his hand at remixing Kendrick Lamar's arguably biggest hit to date “Swimming Pools.” The good kid m.A.A.d city radio single helped propel Lamar into the spotlight of the masses. Bird Peterson does a good job building a spacey backdrop which allows the vocals to float on by with relative ease. It is only until the second verse is briefly interrupted by an unrelenting snare and bass combo. Being a fan of both Kendrick and good production, this definitely doesn't disappoint.


Chief Keef “Love Sosa” (Willy Joy Remix)

One of my less than favorite artists gets the remix treatment by fellow Chicago native Willy Joy. He chose to speed up the vocals and puts a trap feel to the Young Chop produced record. This being one of the few Keef songs I can tolerate I was pleasantly surprised with this remix. I can imagine this one will be tearing up various parties and events this summer. BANG BANG


Purity Ring “Obedear” (Ray Complex Chopped & Screwed Remix)

Life goes by pretty damn quickly at times. Sometimes we need to just step back and slow things down. That is what Chicago's Ray Complex does with his latest record. I have always been a fan of chopped & screwed music and have recently been getting more into Canadian band Purity Ring's music, so this marriage of the two works perfectly in my opinion. The original is fairly slow to start so this “screwed remix” brings the track to a crawl and allows us to hear the various elements of sound that makes it up. Megan James' vocals have an even more sultry feel to them than on the original.


Flume ft. Chet Faker “Left Alone” (Ta-Ku Remix)

Up and coming Australian producer Ta-Ku takes on fellow Aussie Flume's latest record “Left Alone” which features a singer by the name of Chet Faker. The track starts off fairly subdued with the steady drum pattern and repetition of vocals which sound as if it is a chant. About a minute in you are then hit over the head with an infectious bounce that Ta-Ku executes to perfection. We are then transported back to the calming vocals of Chet Faker and an ever present snare followed by a hypnotic synth. Overall this has an infectious quality to it that makes you want to play this over and over while unknowingly nodding along to the beat.


Banks “Fall Over” (Djemba Djemba Remix)

I first introduced Banks, the beautiful and talented up and coming singer out of Los Angeles from her latest visual “Fall Over.” A few weeks later we get a masterfully worked remix of that record from fellow LA native, producer Djemba Djemba. The original showcased Banks' vocal prowess, while this remix takes her seductive sound and turns it into an airy background vocal that works perfectly with the ever present synth and bass that are found throughout. I think most of you will be able to appreciate this trippy-dance track.