2 Chainz Continues To Do Expensive Shit, Pops $100,000 Bottles Of Drink Diamond-Infused Vodka

2 Chainz walks into a bar. This is not a set-up for a joke, this what actually happened in the most recent episode of GQ’s “Expensive Shit” web series with 2 Chainz. Last week, as you may recall, he smoked a joint wrapped in gold that was filled with the world’s most expensive marijuana. This week he’s poppin’ bottles with Big Sean, drinking diamond-infused vodka in a $100,000 martini blinged out with a 5-carot diamond in it.

What does expensive pressure-cooked carbon taste like?

“Like a Rolex.”

Mmmm. Rolex.

Stay-tuned for next week when he eats a scrambled tyrannosaurus rex egg.