2 Chainz Smokes A Gold-Covered Joint Filled With The World’s Most Expensive Weed

Rapper 2 Chainz loves expensive, blingy shit, like sinking his mouth into the world’s most expensive burger. He’s back for another season of his web series with GQ Magazine, called “Most Expensive Shit” and now he’s hitting up L.A.’s dispensaries to see how much money he can spend on a single joint. 2 Chainz and celebrity medical marijuana queen Dr. Dina got their hands on rolling papers made of 24K gold and some special marijuana that costs a mind-blowing $800 a ounce to make “the caviar of joints.” The marijuana itself comes in a freaking can, like uber expensive SPAM weed.

They also smoked a MEGA bowl. LOOK AT HOW BIG THIS THING IS!! IT’S A BEAST! That’s one piece that belongs on the marijuana bucket list, Bros.