10 Up-and-Coming Bands You Should Listen to in 2013

The Racer

The Racer's newest album “Passengers” has all the elements you would want in an album.  Songs such as “Celebrate” and ” In Stereo” will leave you dancing, while songs such as “Settle” and “Impact” showcase raw emotion. “Passengers” is the album that deserves a much larger audience.


Brendan Rivera

Brooklyn based Brendan Rivera's sound is distinct and catchy all the same time. Rivera blends catchy hooks and folky melodies, and the results are songs that will leaving you singing along in no time.



Accents sound like a mix of Death Cab for Cutie and Iron and Wine. Their debut album “Growth and Squalor” showcases a sound that is both catchy, folky and ambient. No matter what music taste you may have, Accents will find someway to your music heart.



New Jersey based Athetics atmospheric sounds can be enjoyed in any mood you are in. Both of their records show an intense yet sophisticated approach to
songwriting and crafting.

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains sound can only be described as epic. Their latest record “Waves” showcases what solid post rock songs should sound like.

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Wooly and the Mammoth

Wooly and the Mammoth not only has an awesome name, they have an awesome sound. Their songs are catchy and their live shows match the energy of the
songs well.


This Good Robot

Seeing This Good Robot live will certainly make you enjoy their music that much more. The band has a sound that is altogether enticing and catchy.



Astronautilus can only be described as the blonde Tom Cruise of hip hop. Hip hop is always looking for the next big artist, and Astronautius is poised to take that title.



Just let the music tell you why this guy should be heard.



Years latest record “It Can Kill” is only a taste of what this band can do. They have the potential to go far and their cleverly crafted songs should send them on their way.