Beats So Toasty You’ll Take Off Your Sweater: This Week’s Melt Mix Featuring Beshken



Time to kick off a new year of dope mixes with our boi Tim Gunter. It’s COLD here at BroBible HQ in New York City, but these beats from Beshken out of Santa Monica are keeping us toasty. Beshken has support from Diplo’s Mad Decent label and is spending January gearing up for a massive 2015. The 30-minute mix is a wonderful start to the new year.

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1. SPITZE! – Mittens (Oh!)

2. Mura Masa – Lotus Eater

3. Pearl – I Know (Kastle Remix)

4. Diversa – Gaia

5. Nice-Icles – Champagne4breakfast (Color Plus Remix)

6. Beshken – ID

7. Promnite – one4marvel

8. Herzeloyde – Phanboy

9. SKVTR – Only You

10. Beshken – Right Time (feat. Soraya)

11. Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire – Time (123Mrk remix)

12. Pham – Movements (feat. Yung Fusion)

13. Manilla Killa – 2h du Matin (Ft. Mark Johns)

14. KAASI – Where We Started (ft. Jessica Sophie)

15. Mazego & Vitesse – Lost Tonight