Watch The Justin Bieber Performance That Blew Chunks During Jack Ü’s Set At Ultra Music Festival


Ultra Music Festival ended with Skrillex and Diplo (aka Jack Ü) joining forces on stage, and while their song with Justin Bieber called “Where Are U Now” is a catchy little tune to relax with, Justin’s performance was a lip-synched pile of minced dicks. First mistake? He gets on stage. If you are Justin Bieber you never, ever get on stage because no one wants to hear you sing. To be fair though, he did fix that mistake by lip-synching his entire bit, so I guess he spared the crowd from his non-autotuned voice to the best of his ability. Second mistake? He’s Justin Bieber. Third mistake? Whatever the fuck this is:


You can watch the entire thing below:

[H/T Your EDM]

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