Katy Perry Says This Girl Is Gonna Be Famous Because Of Her Amazing Ass And After Watching This Video We Agree

by 4 years ago


You know who that is up there? That’s Bonnie McKee. Doesn’t ring a bell? She sang the Kesha-esque American Girl back in 2013. (Seriously, I will give anyone $55 if they can tell the difference between her and Kesha just on sound of voice and dyed hair color alone. It’s impossible.)

But she’s back. How did I learn this? Because Katy Perry told me her ass would break the internet today.


When Katy Perry tells you to look at a girl’s butt, you do it. Immediately. That’s Bro Code. The song is below. It’s called Bombastic, and let me tell you, the video is Ass-tastic.

See what I did there?

McKee chose an 80s-inspired workout motif for the vid, which is perfect if you want to showcase your butt.

Which she did.

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