Bro Gets Bored On A Plane–Mixes The Hottest EDM Track Of 2015

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When I get bored on a plane I usually fall asleep or play some ‘Trivia Crack’, but when Reddit user ‘ConsiderateGuy’ gets bored on a plane he mixes the hottest track of 2015 using the airplane sounds around him. From the flight attendant’s instructions to the various beeps, boops, and drops, this bro used GarageBand to make one of the best videos you’ll ever see.

The kick here is that not only is it an awesome song, but it incorporates the same boring shit anyone who’s ever ridden a plane has come to know and loathe. Don’t jump to the conclusion that everyone with a Mac and GarageBand is capable of cobbling together a track like this though, because as it turns out this redditor is a ‘music producer/engineer for a record label’ (but claims to mostly work with full bands, and not in the EDM space).

From reddit:

I’ll start by saying that this is not me in the video. But I do actually work as a music producer/engineer for a record label. Most of the work I do is live full band, but I do dabble in EDM. I would say yes, especially if you have any experience in music, it’s not essential though. Just buy a good software and start watching Youtube videos, you’ll be making music in no time!

If you have a Mac, mess around with Garageband, it’s free. Logic is a good software for Mac once you get more serious, and it’s relatively cheap compared to some. Ableton and FL Studio are good softwares too. As for the keyboard, I would recommend the M-Audio Keystation Mini only because that is what I use at the studio and it’s simple but works great. All you have to do is plug in the usb to your computer and start playing.

So there you have it, all you need to drop the hottest track of 2015 is a plane ticket and the information above.


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