Avicii And Zac Brown Just Dropped ‘Broken Arrows’ And This Banger’s About To Get Your Eardrums Pregnant



Before hitting play on the hottest track of 2015 I want you to go and find some ear condoms because Avicii and Zac Brown are about to get your eardrums pregnant with ‘Broken Arrows’. I love me some Zac Brown Band and when it comes to a Summer pool party in Las Vegas there aren’t many people in the world I’d rather see in the DJ booth than Avicii. If you’re wondering how this track came to be, and whether or not it’s your birthday, let me do a little explaining what brought this track from Zac Brown and Avicii together.

This track just hit Avicii’s YouTube channel YESTERDAY (September 29th, 2015) so for all you really smart and not at all annoying people out there saying ‘zomg this has been out for weeks! you’re wrong!’ I have news for you: nobody cares. The album’s coming out this Friday, the track just hit Avicii’s YouTube, and that’s all I care about at this point.

UPDATE: Avicii just dropped another track from his album coming out tomorrow, ‘Gonna Love Ya’

You can stream/pre-order the album here once it’s live on Friday!

This track, ‘Broken Arrows’, is just one song on Stories, the album that’s being released on October 2nd (this Friday). Avicii and Zac Brown coming together and collaborating on just one track wasn’t enough, so they hit the studio and put together what’s poised to be one of the most influential albums of 2015. Why? Well I don’t need to explain this to any of you, at least I don’t think I need to, but out there in the world there are still HUGE PORTIONS OF THE POPULATION that are unwilling to listen to Country Music and/or EDM, so these two titans of industry came together to bridge that gap.

Zac Brown and Avicii’s Stories is going to explode upon the world this Friday. I expect that by Saturday morning it’s already completely changed what’s being played on the radio, and by next Summer we’re going to see these two artists performing together at both EDM and Country Music festivals across the country. This is GOOD for music, because both EDM and Country Music are amazing (when done right).

There are currently FIVE TRACKS from the upcoming Stories album available on iTunes so CLICK HERE to preview/purchase those tracks before any of your bros do!