Music Video About Cat Bulldozers Is EVERYTHING That’s Great About America, Is My New Blue Collar Anthem

by 3 years ago

Are you proud of your Cat Dozer (Caterpillar brand bulldozer)? Because if you work construction and take pride in your stride then you SURE AS FUCK better like and share this video. It’s not often that a banger comes along about construction equipment, and it’s even more rare for a brand to put out a video on their company’s YouTube channel that doesn’t suck gigantic hog cock, but Cat® Products hit one out of the park with ‘Cat® D6N | Dozer Pride Music Video’. Well, technically it’s an ad for the new D6N, but it’s really not an ad at all.

It takes a minute to get rolling, but once it does The Dozer Pride Anthem turns into a banger. And I guess what’s most surprising about this anthem is that Cat® chose to go with a hip-hop track instead of a country music song. I’d say that the mix of country music fans vs. hip-hop heads on a construction site is actually a pretty even split, yet most people not in the industry continue to associate construction workers with country music, when that demographic’s been changing for quite some time.

Anyways, if this track speaks to your life then don’t hesitate to hit the share/like button below! And I wanted to send a quick shoutout to Ram from the SRQ hotline for sending this my way!

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