Chance the Rapper Performing The ‘Arthur’ Theme Song With Ziggy Marley Will Put A Big Smile On Your Face

It’s so easy to feel despondent when you’re caught up in the emotional tizzy of 24/7 headline news. The travel ban, another mass shooting, an asteroid “whizzing by earth six times closer than the moon.” It’s easy to feel so small and helpless under the depressing weight of it all, but the reality is that there’s plenty to chin up about… like tiny meditations on humanity at its best or life-affirming news if you’re bald.

One of the things that should put a big old smile on your face is Chance The Rapper’s wonder cover of the Arthur cartoon theme song. It’s a jam he’s covered in the past, much to the delight of millennials like myself, and now he’s finally hooked up with Ziggy Marley, the songs’ original creator, for a Late Show bit with Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste.

The song is happiness and smiles in a cold, depressing world — like Twinkie ice cream or a flannel pair of PJs pulled right out of the dryer or pancakes on a Saturday morning or a friendly phone call from grandma telling you that she misses you.

PBS for life, yo. 

Here’s the original from a few years ago…

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