Chief Keef Allegedly Involved in Shooting in Chicago

Somewhat-talented rapper and complete idiot Chief Keef was caught up in a shooting on Wednesday morning that put a Chicago kid in the ICU, his lawyer told TMZ today. The shooting happened in a home that is currently being rented by the rapper’s manager.

Keef allegedly didn’t pull the trigger, and it’s unclear right now what constituted his involvement, but his lawyer did tell TMZ that the rapper was present when shots were fired. (Telling a gossip site your client was at the scene of a crime: That’s quality lawyerin’!)

On Monday, Keef posted to Instagram a series of pictures that show him and a friend holding automatic weapons, complete with the caption “#AnotherSituation #Already.” While the pictures don’t necessarily implicate Keef in what happened this morning, his long legal history includes bragging about the death of a rival gang member, copping a DUI after a court-ordered stint in rehab, and facing juvie time for distributing heroin.

Somehow, he’s only 18.