Dude Plays Bass Solo Using Guitars Costing $100, $700, And $10,000 To Show The Different Sounds

by 11 months ago

This bro got his hands on three separate bass guitars for this clip. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference (in sound) is between a cheap guitar and an expensive one then this is for you. For this video, he’s playing three distinct bass guitars which vary in price: “Lindo” P-Bass ($100), Fender Jazz Bass ($700), and a Fodera Emperor Deluxe ($10,000). Part of this video is to show us all how these bass guitars vary in sound as the price goes up, but it’s also to show us that just because a guitar costs $10,000 it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically like the sound of that guitar more than others. If you scroll through the comments on the video there are plenty of people saying they prefer the cheaper bass guitars over the Fodera Emperor Deluxe.

I wish I could provide some insight here into what makes his videos so popular, or why Davie504 is such a great bass guitar player, but I can’t. I’m not a guitar player. I took like 2 or 3 guitar lessons back in Elementary School but my parents made me quit because I didn’t practice enough and they saw it as a waste of money, which I now see that it was because I really didn’t ever pick up the guitar outside of lessons. So if any of you bros out there who are professional musicians want to mansplain what makes these guitars qualitatively different, by all means, let us know down below in the comments.

YouTuber ‘Davie504’ has amassed quite the online following with his funky bass guitar skills. He’s an Italian bro living in the UK, and he just hit 750K subscribers on YouTube. All of those subscribers tune in to check out videos like the one above, and others like this 12 String Bass Solo, or the time he played the bass using a fidget spinner. This video’s currently in the Top 10 trending videos on YouTube and is well on its way to a million views, so methinks this YouTuber has a pretty bright future ahead.

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