Ease Into Your Monday By Watching A Guy Dab 76 Times To Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’

It’s Monday and Monday universally sucks. So here’s a way to make it a little less shitty: Watching an interpretive dab performance set to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, a song that no man in the history of the world has ever dabbed to until Gamez John stepped to the table.

The folks doing the Lords work over at Nosiey counted how many times he hit that dab. 76 is the magic number:

How many times does Gamez John dab? How many angels can fit on the head of a pin? The answer in both cases is 76, along with two improperly formatted dabs and one checked dab. That’s more than one dab every three seconds. At that rate, dabbing becomes not so much a dance move as an expression of the human will crashing ceaselessly against the unyielding forces of time, a Sisyphean act of fortitude. Calm comes over us, the viewers, as we contemplate this dab, with its incantatory power, a corporeal mantra.

Stay weird, Internet.