Stream: 8-Track ‘Daft Science’ Album — A ‘Beastie Boys x Daft Punk’ Mashup That’ll Blow Your Damn Mind

by 2 years ago
Daft Science Beastie Boys Daft Punk Mashup


If you’re like me then you’ve been listening to all new album from A Tribe Called Quest on repeat. And even though ‘We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service‘ is complete fire from the first track to the last it does become a bit cumbersome after listening to it for the umpteenth time.

Thankfully, Toronto-based producer Coins just dropped a new album I can listen to all week…Well, technically it’s a mashup with no new music whatsoever, but it’s a first-of-its-kind mashup between The Beastie Boys and Daft Punk, two of my favorite groups. You can stream ‘Daft Science’ right here and now by hitting play below.

If that embed isn’t working for you then you can stream the full ‘Daft Science’ album over on Coins’ BandCamp page.

The name ‘Daft Science’ is obviously a nod to both groups, with the Daft part being self-explanatory and ‘Science’ paying homage to ‘The Sounds of Science’, a track off of ‘Paul’s Boutique’ by the Beastie Boys, an album that’s in my Top 5 all time favorites.

For more about producer Coins and how ‘Daft Science’ came together, you can click on over to The A.V. Club!

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