Here’s Another Movie That Perfectly Syncs Up With ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ But You’ll Need To Test It To Be Sure

Pink Floyd Star Wars

I haven’t done the Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wizard of Oz trick in some time because, honestly, how many times can a person watch that awful movie? Since Dorothy and her dog get fucking old, but Dark Side never does, try this new movie/music sync up. Pink Floyd and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A number of intrepid Reddit users have discovered that, like Wizard of Oz, the latest Star Wars sequel syncs up uncannily well with the Pink Floyd classic, with a number of lyrics from the album seeming to match events on screen (especially if you happen to be in a certain state of mind while you’re doing all this). Even though most Dark Side lovers probably haven’t tried it yet — Star Wars: The Force Awakens only hit home video last week — this might be just a laser light show away from becoming a new Floyd fan tradition.

Consequence of Sound created a number of examples of Dark Side Of The Moon and Star Wars: The Force Awakens syncing up pretty well.

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[via Ultimate Classic Rock]