Someone Built A Memorial For The Time A Dave Matthews Band Tour Bus Dumped Poo Into The Chicago River

by 5 years ago

Red Eye Chicago

What were you doing in August 2004? I was getting ready to go to college and going to as many Phish shows as possible before they “broke up forever” after a doomed festival in Coventry, Vermont. You know what uber chill rockstar Dave Matthews was doing that month? Dumping poo from his tour bus into the Chicago River off a bridge.


According to reports after the incident, Dave’s tour bus dumped around 800 pounds of human waste onto an architectural tour boat sailing through the Chicago River. The raw sewage smothered the boat off the Kinzie Street bridge. A civil complaint was filed seeking $60,000 against the band and bus driver, Stefan A. Wohl.

11 years later, some Bros put up a sign to commemorate the anniversary of Dave’s great poop dump.


Chicago Bros: Don’t drink the water.

[H/T: Live For Live Music]

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