Deadmau5 Drops Two New Songs, ‘Suckfest9001’ and ‘You There’


A second break up occured for the mau5 in the form of cancelling his impending nuptials with famed tattoo artist Kat von D. She, also utilizing social media, took to Twitter to detail possible implications that Joel was cheating on her?

Maybe the mau5 couldn't be tamed? But whatever it is — he's back to producing phenomenal electronic tunes again. On his ever-changing Soundcloud page, he uploaded two mysterious tunes 'Suckfest9001' and 'You There' about 20 hours ago. The evil, electro stomper is an aspect we'd all been missing from Joel's more ethereal, more 'chill' productions as of late. But don't assume that he's abandoned his progressive / trance ways as the break embodies a melodic blend of uplifting chords. Suckfest 9001 reminds us of the 2008 deadmau5 that was just beginning to put his stamp on dance music. 'You There' is affectionately labeled as 'UltraStep' in the genre field, so we can only begin to guess that this track is a statement to his former label. Regardless 'You There' boasts an excessively large orchestral build, quick breaks, and the synth-y intensity we loved from his earlier productions. Hopefully the split from Ultra Records will allow him to fully express his production creatively with the mau5trap team. All in all — the mau5 is indeed back, folks.


You There

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