The 10 Best Reddit Reactions To Def Leppard Meeting The Arkansas School For The Deaf Leopards

arkansas school deaf leopards def leppard


If you’ve heard “Pour Some Sugar On Me” then you’ve listened to Def Leppard. If you’ve ever listened to the Bloodhound Gang, then you know, the drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm. If you live in Arkansas, you probably know about the Arkansas School for the Deaf and their mascot the leopard. Correct. They’re the Deaf Leopards and they’ve been that since 1941. Long before the rock band Def Leppard came along. For years, people have wondered when these two superpowers would meet and now the wait is over. Def Leppard meets the Deaf Leopards. Thank you, Reddit.

Here are the 10 best reactions on Reddit to the long-awaited photo decades in the making…

1. “Def Leppard has, single-handedly, the best drummer in rock n roll today.”

Hands down.

2. “They have a heated rivalry with the nearby Arkansas School for the Blind Melons.”

Is it just me or is Blind Melon’s “No Rain” one the best songs to play when extremely hungover?

3. “I guess the band doesn’t care that these kids have never heard of them.” – Whtwit

Neither will 90% of the bros reading this article. Well, your gf prob remembers this…

4. “Now we just need to convince one of the Flint Michigan schools to switch one of their sports teams’ names to the Zeppelins.”

The Lead Zeppelins. Personally, I’m a fan of the Flint Tropics…

5. “I would have guessed their band would be Quiet Riot and the school song would be Feel the Noise.”

Nerd alert: The song’s title is actually “Cum On Feel The Noize“, which might influence our leaders of tomorrow to “beat their drumstick”.

6. “So is the Battle of the Bands event at this school called Def Jam?”

I’d pay to watch Def Jam sign language just for the cramps.

7. “I had an apartment in college right next to the Louisiana School for the Deaf. they had a big problem with signage being stolen, which said LSD Eagles.”


8. “I’ve always loved that story of how they take their handicap and turn it into a strength.”

Makes you wonder why more teams don’t try this out.

9. “…the floor VIBRATES to signal end of quarter, half-time, fouls, etc.”

GET ME THIS BASKETBALL COURT FLOOR! Why aren’t clubs doing this? First mil I get is going to this in my basement.

10. “I don’t need your photograph.”

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